My life purpose and passion

What I do

As I watch the world change, I devote most of my time to understand and share my insights on what it takes to be prepared for the future. I work closely with corporations, non-profit organizations, associations, universities, and government agencies both in the US and abroad. to do just that.

These groups believe that work guided by well-founded sets of core values grounded in purpose, passion, and stewardship can bring meaning and significance to their greatest assets – their people. These are the ones who thrive even in uncertain times.

From the spiritual to the financial aspect, I have honed my craft in designing and executing tailor-fit, self-development models for my clients. My goal has always been to effectively drive them to take action so they achieve their unique goals.

My History

Everything started in Manila, Philippines when I came to know the Lord on April 10, 1983. It was around the same time I finished my Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at the University of Santo Tomas. From thereon, I nurtured myself with seminars and training related to the Christian ministry: Bible seminars, discipleship training, leadership training, evangelism training, and church growth conferences. And before I knew it, I was already ushering ministry and community outreach.

In 1985, I planted a church in Quezon City where the members were taught discipleship and leadership and conducted outdoor crusades in the Philippine provinces of Pangasinan, Tarlac, and Mindoro. Many of them have found their life purpose and passion. They are now pastors, teachers, administrators, and leaders of non-profit ministries and private enterprises.

My passion to equip and empower has given me further opportunities to preach in California, Las Vegas, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and North Carolina, USA. By that time, I was already living in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA with my beloved husband, Ariel, my wonderful children Abigail, Johanna, and Jean Luc.

As I continued preaching, I got my Master of Arts degree in Practical Theology concentrating on Church & Ministry Leadership at Regent University in May 2010; got a Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; became a Certified Life Coach in Transformational Leadership Coaching in 2013, and became a certified Mobilized Advance Trainer and Certified Instructor of the Leadership Training International.

Today, I am pursuing my dream of mentoring and training this modern world’s leaders. We need effective leaders now, more than ever. And by continuing my mentorship and training digitally, globally, I am ready to prepare them for the future.

Maxwell Leadership

Maxwell Leadership

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Let me guide you in becoming the leader
you want to become.

Looking for similar videos?

Let me guide you in becoming the leader you want to become.

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